Red or Dead


Red or Dead?

Keep red hair with that just colored wow factor -here’s how

Tinted red hair fades fast!

Once your colored invest in a really good quality color shampoo and conditioner,

Avoid supermarket brands along with deep cleansing, shampoos for fine limp and antidandruff.

Sulphate free

These are best, find these in professional salons

Textured locks look amazing on red hair
Using a large barrel tong and a spritz of heat-protecting styling spray take 1 to 2-inch section wrapping it around the tong,

Hairdresser’s tip

When the hair is too hot touch release and let cool fully before styling

Finish it off
Once all hair has been wound and cooled, try putting your fingers in the roots and shake gently allowing the curls to separate.
Run a small amount of Moroccan oil through, or spray with Moroccan oil Glimmer Shine Spray.
Finish with a good quality spray if required remembering to hold at least 10 inches away and lightly mist