Moroccanoil “The Story”


 Moroccanoil “The Story”

For Centuries Moroccan ladies have used the oil form the argon tree, which grows, in the mountains of Morocco. The almond-shaped kernel is the source of this miraculous oil which provides unsaturated fatty acids and is rich in tocopherols, which work like vitamin E (nature’s most powerful anti-oxidant agents) for this reason Moroccan oil naturally renews cell structure, helping increase hair’s elasticity, an important reason hair is prevented from breaking. Moisture, giving that luscious plumped up feel and shine, an integral look to healthy hair. UV protectors help maintain tints and colors from environmental damage.
Embraced by innovative hair professionals because they know what works.

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 Premium Brand

Leading manufacturer of argon oil infused hair products, Moroccanoil has developed a concise and well-structured range of high-quality salon prescriptive cosmetics .The benefits are now well documented and give the discerning client the benefits Hollywood stars have come to take for granted.


Moroccan oil is a frequent celebrity must for film, television and magazine photo shoots, used at fashion week as well as awards and shows including The Oscars, Golden globes, Grammy’s and MTV awards.

Moroccanoil Oil Treatment

The Original oil treatment and recommended by Elle and Vogue Editors has been developed from the argon tree kernel containing fatty acids, active ingredients U.V. protctors totally absorbing into the hair shaft due to it’s very small molecular weight, helping forcing water out excelerating drying and styling time by as much as 25%-40%. Antioxidants contained in argon oil have been shown to strengthen damaged and delicate hair.