How to look after Winter Hair

How to Look After Winter Hair

You may be wondering how to look after winter hair. Winter cold and low humidity cause problems with dry skin and also with dry hair. Your hair may look frizzy or over-processed if you are not careful. These tips can help you have beautiful hair regardless of the season.

Don’t Use Your Blow Dryer
Blow dryers rob your hair of even more moisture. Let your towel and time dry your hair during the winter if at all possible. If you absolutely must blow dry, use the low settings: low heat and less powerful air. You should find that your hair dries faster anyway because of the low humidity created by the warm temperature inside the house.

Use a Good Conditioner
Whether you use a conditioner year round or not, you need one in the wintertime. Conditioners are like moisturizers for your skin. They form a protective barrier that helps to lock moisture into the individual strands of hair. Good conditioners are those that include ingredients such as protein and natural oils.
If you have neglected to use a conditioner on a regular basis, you may benefit from a intense conditioning pack. These are left in from 8 to 30 minutes or so and are used once a week to battle dryness and frizzy ends. Hot oil treatments are also a good choice. They help with dry itchy scalp too.

Get a Trim Regularly
People say that their locks grow faster after they get a trim. It’s probably not true, but it does seem that way. The main benefit of getting a trim in the wintertime is that it gets rid of any split ends that can eventually spread to the entire strand, causing your style to look messy and frazzled.

Use a Gentle Shampoo
In wintertime, the gentlest shampoos are the best. This is not the time of year to choose one with “extra cleansing ability”. This is the time to choose one that is recommended for processed, color-treated or damaged hair. Although some people think of baby shampoo as gentle, it is really not the best choice. It can strip away the hair’s natural protective barrier.

Avoid Processing
Dying and perming should be avoided during the wintertime. Dyes and chemicals in permanent wave products can cause excessive drying. If you must color, choose a product that includes conditioners and includes a conditioning pack for use after rinsing out the color.
The only other thing you might want to do in the wintertime is wear a warm hat. It will help to keep the winter cold from draining the moisture out of your hair.